2017-2018 Youth Registration Now Open!

Farmington Youth Wresting is a Pre-K-5th grade program for boys & girls!  Click here to register for one of the following programs:

TINY TUSSLER: This program is for wrestlers in grades Pre-K through 1st Grade. 

A TINY TUSSLER will  learn wrestling basics in an environment that fosters his or her emerging athleticism through wrestling, gymnastics, and playful competitive games. The cost for the 11 week session is  $60 and includes an end of season pizza party.  Season starts Monday, November 6th 2017 with practices on Mondays from 6-6:45pm in the Farmington High School wrestling room. TINY TUSSLER wrestlers will participate in FOUR Farmington Youth Wrestling sponsored events.

TEAM ORANGE & TEAM BLACK: This program is for wrestlers in 2nd through 5th Grade. 

In this program our wrestlers will work on the foundations of wrestling and athletic development at an easy to learn pace based on having fun while learning wrestling. The cost for this 18 week session is $100. Season starts Tuesday, November 7th 2017 with practices held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Farmington High School Wrestling Room. The first two weeks of practice will be a fun filled “Wrestling Combine” where coaches will be sharing the basics of wrestling.  Youth Wrestlers will then be placed into either TEAM ORANGE or TEAM BLACK based on their size, skill, work ethic, attitude and ability to follow directions . TEAM ORANGE & TEAM BLACK will participate in 5-10 Farmington Youth Wrestling sponsored events.  Farmington Wrestling has a proud tradition of developing our athletes through a culture of teamwork, positive coaching, emphasis on effort, and having fun while learning.

Note: Coaches reserve the right to move wrestlers between TEAM ORANGE & TEAM BLACK based on size, skill, work ethic, ability to follow directions and attitude. 

Volunteer Hours Requirement: It takes a lot of teamwork to run a successful wrestling program.  A volunteer check of $300 per family will be collected prior to the second week of practice. Our goal is to get more parents involved in the program not cash checks. Volunteer hour requirements are 10 hours per family with the exception of families that only have a TINY TUSSLER, in which the requirement is 6 hours. If a family does not meet the volunteer hours requirement prior to the designated date (April 1, 2018), checks will be cashed.  



Try Wrestling!

FREE WRESTLING CLINIC:  Farmington Youth Wrestling will be hosting a FREE clinic for kids (boys & girls!)  pre-k through 5th grade who are interested in wrestling and would like to try it before registering . This clinic will be held  Tuesday & Wednesday November 1st & 2nd from 6:30-7:15pm in the Farmington High School wrestling room.   No need to register,  just show up!


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