Our Farmington Youth Wrestlers gave their best effort at this years 2016 MN-USA YOUTH STATE TOURNAMENT in Rochester March 11th-13th 2016.  We had 25-Tiger Youth Wrestlers who participated at this Youth Wrestling Main Event of the Year.



Garrett Williams/Pee Wee  2-wins/3-losses, PLACES 6th!

Lucas Stevens/Pee Wee with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Mason Stenson/Bantam with 1-win/2-losses, DNP

Blake Han-Lindemyer/Bantam C with 2-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Hauk Davis/Bantam E with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Chase Stevens/Bantam F with 3-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Josh Walker/Bantam H with 3-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Davis Parrow/Intermediate 55 with 2-wins/1-loss, DNP.

Logan Williams/Intermediate 65 with 4-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Zach Olson/Intermediate 65 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Myles Olson/Intermediate 70 with 1-win/2-losses, DNP.

Tyler Sullivan/Intermediate 87 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Payton Talley/Novice 70 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Jake Arens/Novice 75 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Edon Davis/Novice 80 with 1-win/2- losses, DNP.

Cole Han-Lindemyer/Novice 90 with 2-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Ryan Sullivan/Novice 95 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Nelson Kukowski/Novice 100 with 2-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Zander Boltjes/Novice 120 with 1-win/3-losses, PLACES 6th!

Will Hanson/Novice 130 with 4-wins/2-losses, PLACES 5th!

Aiden Han-Lindemyer/Schoolboy 98 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Chase Vought/Schoolboy 105 with 5-wins/3-losses, PLACES 6th!

Andrew Keeler/Schoolboy 112 with 0-wins/2-losses, DNP.

Austin Hamel/Schoolboy 112 with 1-win/2-losses, DNP.

Mac Kukowski/Schoolboy 160 with 3-wins/2-losses, PLACES 4th!

Note: Several of our youth wrestlers had a hard time coming out of Championship Round as they faced the eventual state champ opening first round…but collectively very proud of our Tiger Program! 

Special Note: Wow…man-o-man Josh Walker, Chase Stevens, Logan Williams, Will Hanson & Chase Vought wrestled ‘Freaking’ Tough…great job young men!

We have some work to improve our Farmington youth wrestlers in technique, positional wrestling, developing aggressive styles, and not giving up points/pins at near end of periods….but again good collective program effort…as our YOUTH continue to improve over the years…the High School Pipeline is GOOD!



MN-USA Kids State Tournament Hotel Reservations

MN USA Kids State Tournament, Friday March 11th to Sunday March 13th at .

We have 30 rooms ‘Blocked’ under FARMINGTON WRESTLING  @ reduced rate of $89/night.

Reserve your room at:

Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field 401 6th Street SW,

Rochester, Minnesota 55902    Phone: 507-288-2677     Toll Free: 877-887-7776

Hotel information at:


Here is link to 2016 MN USA Kids State Tournament Schedule:




Youth News: MN-USA State Update, St Peter, Shakopee, Cannon Falls Results



This weekend we had two more wrestlers get qualified for the ‘Big Dance’ of MN-USA YOUTH STATE TOURNAMENT in Rochester on March 11th-13th. Congrats to Davis Parrow (2nd G) & Myles Olson (4th G)!!!  This now brings our PROUD Farmington Youth Program of Pre-K to 5th grade with 16-wrestlers qualified & several more 6th grade Middle Schoolers Qualified/Committed.

St Peter Tournament Results from Sat (4-wrestlers participating):

2nd Place: Tyler Sullivan (4th G), Jake Arens (6th G).

3rd Place: Xander Boltjes (5th G), Ryan Sullivan (6th G).

MN-USA Qualifier in Shakopee from Sat (4-wrestlers participating):

1st Place: Josh Walker (1st G), Chase Stevens (2nd G).

3rd Place: Lucas Stevens (Pre-K);  4th Place: Tommy Lund (4th G).

MN-USA Qualifier in Cannon Falls from Sun (11-wrestlers participating):

1st Place: Mason Stenson (K), Josh Walker (1st G), Aiden Han-Lindemyer (6th G).

2nd Place: Blake Han-Lindemyer (1st G), Davis Parrow (2nd G), Logan Williams (3rd G), Myles Olson (4th G).

3rd Place: Cole Han-Lindemyer (4th G), Zach Olson (4th G), Nelson Kukowski (5th G).

4th Place: Logan Stenson (3rd G).

Note: Our Pre-K to 5th Graders have collectively participated in 347 Tournaments to date…keep up the great work, effort and sportsmenship! We are very proud of our young wrestlers!!

Here’s a pic of Coach Olson at Cannon Falls sitting between his two boys Zach & Miles wrestling at the same time!



‘BRAWL’ (Pre-K to 6th Grade) Team that competed on Sunday

Our Youth Team (Pre-K to 6th Grade) competed hard at Sunday’s The ‘BRAWL’ in STMA!

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all parents and youth coaches who had us weighed-in and prepared at 7:45AM in St. Michael Albertville HS on Sunday Jan 24th for the ‘BRAWL’ !  Boy-O-Boy are we blessed with some ‘scrapper wrestlers’ and supper supportive parents in our Farmington Youth Wrestling Program. This year was a learning curve at the BRAWL, as our youth wrestlers positioned their selves with wrestling hard and great effort as we wrestled 5 good youth programs, in the end we had a 1-4 record at Sunday’s youth duel meets. As we continue to improve as a youth team and program, we expect great things from our youth wrestlers.  A big ‘Thank You’ to Coach Sam Sand as he continually teaches our young wrestlers to improve and always show a respectable TIGER sportsmenship on the mat!

Here’s a pic:



Arrival Times for Youth Team at The ‘Brawl’ at STMA: Sunday, Jan 24th

Farmington Youth Team at The ‘BRAWL’; located at STMA High School this Sunday, Jan 16th.


Please arrive at 7:45 AM, and proceed to MAT 12.

We will weigh in as a TEAM at 8:10 AM, following weigh-ins we will get pictures takes as a TEAM, then head back to Mat 12 for our first round duel against Shakopee.


Please wear your farmington orange singlet (just like Prior Lake) also wear gray sweatpants and your camo team shirt.


They are covering the tenths for all 15 weight classes. For instance, a wrestler weighing up to 45.9 pounds is eligible to wrestle in the 45 pound weight class (45.9 pounds = 45 pounds).

Thank you parents and coaches for all you do to support our youth wrestlers!!!


Saturday & Sunday, Jan 16th & 17th Youth Results

Another GREAT weekend for Farmington Youth Wrestling, we are so proud of our young WRESTLERS!

Sunday, we had 54 wrestlers participate at our homegrown ‘BRING 1, BRING ALL’ Youth Team which was held at Farmington High School. With so many eager youth wrestling TIGERS, we had to split up our youth into two teams, ‘BLACK’ & ‘ORANGE’ teams.  Booth teams wrestled with great effort and showcased their growing wrestling skills as we competed against the youth programs of Chaska/Chanhassen, Rochester, Buffalo, and New Praque.  Thank you to all parents and coaches who made this a successful Team meet for our youth!  We got many compliments from other youth program coaches for our teams enthusiasm, effort and how well the tournament was organized and run collectively.  It is always nice to hear from other youth wrestling programs congratulating us on our Farmington program!

Results from Simley MN-USA State Qualifier on Saturday (2-wrestlers participate):

2nd Place: Josh Walker (1st grade) & 3rd Place: Davis Parrow (2nd grade)

Results from Zumbrota Youth Wrestling Tournament on Friday (7-wrestlers participate):

2016 Zumbrota Team Pic

1st Place: Logan Williams (3rd grade), Cole Han-Lindemyer (4th grade), Tommy Lund (4th grade), Edon Davis (4th grade).

2nd Place: Blake Han-Lindemyer (1st grade), Zander Boltjes (5th grade).

3rd Place: Aiden Han-Lindemyer (5th grade).

Notes: Great Job Tommy, way to wrestle hard and beat some tough kids!

Results from Hastings MN-USA State Qualifier on Sunday (1-wrestler participate):

1st Place: Josh Walker (1st grade)….great job Josh!!!


This Weekend Youth Wrestling News.

This weekend at the Eagan Youth Tournament on Saturday we had 19 youth wrestlers participate!

Great turn out from our Youth…way to go Tiger Wrestlers!


1st Place at Eagan: Connor Hawkins (1st G), Edon Davis (4th G), Tyler Carlson (4th G), Will Hanson (5th G).

2nd Place at Eagan: Josh Heeren (K), Cody Carlson (1st G), Blake Han-Lindemyer (1st G), Chase Stevens (2nd G), Josh Walker (2nd G), Cole Han-Lindemyer (4th G).

3rd Place at Eagan: Oliver Pietersen (Pre-K), Hauk Davis (1st G), Logan Williams (3rd G), Andrew Williams (5th G), Payton Talley (5th G), Xander Boltjes (5th G).

4th Place at Eagan: Lucas Stevens (Pre-K), Joe Castagna (3rd G), Rory Siedschlag (5th G).

Results from Forest Lake MN-USA Qualifier on Saturday:

Logan Stenson (3rd G) took 4th Place.

We had two wrestlers at Coon Rapids MN-USA Qualifier on Sunday.

Results from Coon Rapids with 2 wrestlers participating:

Xander Boljes (5th G) took 3rd Place, and Logan Stenson (3rd G) took 4th Place.

Great job to all those who wrestled this weekend…way to continue to improve and represent Farmington Tiger Youth Wrestling!!!



News from the Weekend; 3 More Farmington Wrestlers Qualify for MN USA State Tournament

A very Merry Christmas weekend indeed for our Farmington Middle School & Youth Wrestlers this weekend. Three more wrestlers qualified at Sunday’s TCU MN USA Qualifier tournament in Le Center.  Middle School wrestler Ryan Sullivan, and youth wrestler’s Payton Talley & Chase Stevens qualified!  This brings our preK to 6th grade total of 14-wrestlers currently gearing up for the March MN USA Youth State Tournament.  GREAT JOB BOYS…we are very proud of you!!!

TCU MN USA Qualifier Results from Sunday (7-wrestlers participated):

Josh Walker (1st G), Chase Stevens (2nd G) & Xander Boltjes (5th G) took 2nd Place.

Logan Williams (3rd G), Payton Talley (5th G) & Ryan Sullivan (6th G) took 3rd Place.

Tyler Sullivan (4th G) took 4th Place.

Festivus for Wrestivus Tournament Results from Saturday:

Xander Boltjes took 2nd Place!

Pine Island Tournament Results from Wednesday:

Xander Boltjes again took 2nd with Josh Walker taking 3rd Place.

Jack Rabbit Nationals in South Dakota on December 19th Results:

Dylan Hendrikson (4th G) took 3rd place…great job!



Farmington Youth Wrestlers at Eden Prairie MN USA Qualifier

Great News as Farmington Youth Wrestling adds three more wrestlers who qualified for March 11th-13th MN USA YOUTH STATE TOURNAMENT!

Blake Han-Lindemyer, Tyler Sullivan & Aiden Han-Lindemyer qualified at Saturday’s Eden Prairie MN USA Tournament.  This now brings our Farmington Youth program total to 11 qualified; our program’s goal is to get total of 25 elementary & middle school wrestlers qualified and wrestle at Youth State Tournament.

Eden Prairie MN USA Tournament Results with 12-wrestlers participating:

Blake Han-Lindemyer (1st grade), Josh Walker (1st grade), Tyler Sullivan (4th grade) & Aiden Han-Lindemyer (6th grade) took 2nd place.

Mason Stenson (K), Logan Stenson (3rd grade), Cole Han-Lindemyer (4th grade), Edon Davis (4th grade), Tommy Lund (4th grade) & Ryan Sullivan (6th grade) took 3rd place.

Hauk Davis (1st grade) & Logan Williams (3rd grade) took 4th place.

Key Notes at EP were to Tommy Lund wrestling in first qualifying tournament this year & Logan Williams back from elbow injury!

St Francis MN USA Tournament Results with 1-wrestler on Sunday:

Xander Boltjes (5th grade) placing 4th.

Youth Wrestling News:

Can you believe our youth program (PreK to 5th grade) has wrestled in 196 tournaments so far this year!!! Our program goal this year is to get our wrestlers to compete in 400 tournaments collectively.  We are right on track with our supportive parents and coaches!!!  Thank you parents & coaches…we appreciate your time, effort & commitment!!!

pics of our youth at Eden Prairie:20151219_084644[1] 20151219_084706[1]


Prior Lake Team & Individual Youth Tournament

Prior Lake Team Duels and Youth Individual Tournament on Saturday, December 13th was so much fun!

Farmington Youth & 6th Grade Middle School Wrestlers Team up at Prior Lake Youth Team Duels.

As a team (K-6th Grade) we finished 1-3 as we competed against some of the best youth teams in metro area.

At the individual tournament, we had many Farmington youth wrestlers perform great, with many 1st place finishes!  We sure are proud our our young wrestlers…TIGER PRIDE!

A big shout-out ‘Thank You’ to all the parents for all your support…keep it coming.

Here’s a pic of K-6th grade team:Prior Lake Team 2015