Farmington Wrestling Community Donation Program

Farmington Wrestling Community Donation Program

Farmington Wrestling values strong community, school, sporting, and youth activity programs. With a solid foundation built by strong organizational leaders, families, sponsors, coaches, and athletes; Farmington Wrestling wants to help others in our community. We have created a program to donate a portion of our proceeds to other Farmington organizations. This process, only available by application, allows groups to request funding for specific needs and purposes.


  1. Donation request limit is $500.
  2. Donation requests must benefit a Farmington (Minn.) based non-profit organization.
  3. Underserved/underfunded youth sports organizations may receive priority consideration.
  4. Donation requests cannot be used to benefit an individual (exception being program participation scholarships).
  5. Donation requests are considered quarterly, with the submission acceptance period beginning the first day of each new quarter. (Sept 1, Dec 1, Mar 1, Jun 1)
  6. Organizations can only submit donation requests once per year.
  7. Programs that receive funding may be required to volunteer hours to the Farmington Wrestling program.
  8. It is not required, nor should it be expected, that an explanation is provided for denied applications.
  9. Once quarterly allotment of donation funds has been exhausted, remaining applications will be denied. Annual funding allotment is determined by the Farmington Wrestling board of directors, and will not be made public to the requestors of funds.
  10. The Farmington Wrestling Community Donation Committee reserves the right to request additional information. This may include but is not limited to: other sources of funding and revenue, previous fundraising efforts, financial statements, affiliations with other programs, etc.
  11. Farmington Wrestling does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or national origin. Requests from organizations who discriminate will be summarily denied.

NEXT STEPS: Complete the attached application form. Email to the Farmington Wrestling Community Donations committee. Requests will be reviewed in order of submission. Please be patient as we may have many to review. You will be notified as soon as a decision has been reached. If additional information is required, we will reach out to the main contact listed in the requestor section the application.

Thank you!

Farmington Wrestling Community Donations Committee

To download the instructions and sample application: Farmington Wrestling Community Donation Program

To download the application:  Farmington Wrestling Community Donation Program Form

Completed applications can be submitted to:

*Farmington Wrestling reserves to right to discard incomplete applications*